Celebrating Recycle Week

Recycle Week is an annual awareness campaign in the United Kingdom that is organized and promoted by Recycle Now, a government-funded program aimed at encouraging recycling and reducing waste. Recycle Week serves as a crucial reminder of the positive impact that recycling can have on the environment, and it encourages people to take practical steps toward reducing waste and conserving valuable resources. By fostering a culture of recycling and sustainability, Recycle Week plays a vital role in the ongoing effort to create a greener and more eco-conscious society in the UK.


We at Black and White London believe that choosing promotional products that are recyclable over non-recyclable ones is a responsible and sustainable choice for several compelling reasons:

  1. Environmental Responsibility: Opting for recyclable promotional products aligns with a commitment to environmental responsibility. It demonstrates that your business or organization cares about the long-term health of the planet and is taking steps to reduce its environmental impact.

  2. Reducing Waste: Non-recyclable promotional products often end up in landfills, contributing to the growing problem of waste disposal. By selecting recyclable items, you help reduce the amount of waste that ultimately harms the environment.

  3. Positive Brand Image: Demonstrating your commitment to sustainability through recyclable promotional products can enhance your brand's image. Consumers increasingly value eco-friendly practices, and this can attract environmentally conscious customers and partners.

  4. Compliance with Regulations: Some regions and industries have regulations and guidelines in place encouraging or mandating the use of recyclable materials. Choosing recyclable promotional products ensures compliance with such rules, reducing the risk of penalties or fines.

  5. Reduced Costs: Think of the difference between a throw away plastic cup versus a reusable, recycled bottle; recyclable materials can often be more cost-effective in the long run, as they may be cheaper to produce and dispose of responsibly. This can help your organization save money over time.

  6. Promoting Recycling Culture: By distributing recyclable promotional items, you actively promote a culture of recycling and sustainability among your customers, employees, and partners. This can lead to a ripple effect as individuals become more conscious of their environmental impact.

  7. Long-Lasting Impact: When recipients of your promotional products can recycle them at the end of their lifecycle, your brand remains top of mind for longer, contributing to a more sustainable and memorable marketing strategy.

In summary, choosing recyclable promotional products over non-recyclable ones not only demonstrates your commitment to sustainability, but also supports responsible resource management and reduces waste - encouraging your customers to do the same. It's an eco-friendly choice that benefits both your organization and the environment.


If you need some inspiration for Recycled and Recyclable promotional products, read below for some of my top picks:


Seabrook Eco 5oz Recycled Cotton Tote

from £1.20 each.

Recycled Eco Tote 5oz (140gsm) bag with long handles made from recycled cotton T-shirt material. The fabric used to manufacture this bag is 60% recycled blended with 40% polyester (rPET which is recycled fabric from plastic bottles) for extra structure.


H2O Active® Eco Tempo Screw Cap Water Bottle

from £3.84 each.

This single-wall H2O Active® Eco Water Bottle is ergonomically designed from recycled plastic collected from within 50 km of an ocean coastline. The Prevented Ocean Plastic is collected within 50km of an ocean coastline or major waterway. This bottle offers environment-friendly benefits while remaining food-safe, with a range of stylish colour options. Its secure screw-cap and reusable volume capacity of 700 ml make it an eco-friendly, sustainable choice. Available in multiple colours, the black lid is made from pre-consumer recycled plastic, while the body may have a few minor marks due to the recycled material. Mix and match colours to create your desired look. Made in the UK and packed in a home-compostable bag.


Oriel Wheatstraw Ballpen

from £0.23 each.

The Oriel Wheatstraw Ballpen combines sustainability with streamlined design, featuring a 60% wheatstraw barrel and a recycled plastic trim. A smart moulded clip and convenient twist-action mechanism makes this a practical option and a great choice for eco-focused marketing. A German Dokumental® ink refill promises up to 1000 metres of writing length and effortless application.

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