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Collection: Products for Charities & Non Profit Organisations

Amplify your charitable cause with our exceptional range of printed promotional products tailored for charities and non-profit organisations. From eco-friendly tote bags and reusable water bottles to seed packets and wristbands, our diverse selection of high-quality items will inspire and engage your supporters. Raise awareness for your mission, make a lasting impact, and ignite positive change with our thoughtfully curated collection of personalised products.


1. Strengthen Brand Identity: Personalising merchandise such as bamboo badges and recycled lanyards with your organisation's logo or slogan reinforces your brand identity. Every time supporters wear or use these items, they become walking billboards for your cause. This not only boosts your visibility but also helps create a sense of community among your supporters, making them proud advocates for your mission.

2. Cultivate Fundraising Opportunities: Our selection of promotional products serves as excellent tools for fundraising initiatives. Branded phone stands can be sold at events, while personalised mint tins can be given to donors as tokens of appreciation. Water bottles, adorned with your logo, can be offered as gifts for various giving levels. These items become tangible ways for supporters to contribute while receiving something meaningful in return.

3. Foster Long-lasting Engagement: When supporters receive and use personalised merchandise, they feel a stronger connection to your organisation. These items create a sense of belonging. Reusable coffee tumblers align with eco-friendly values, emphasising your commitment to sustainability. Each product becomes a catalyst for sparking conversations about your mission, allowing supporters to share your cause with their network.

Whether you're looking to raise funds, increase awareness, or express gratitude to your supporters, our range of personalised products is ready to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to explore how our merchandise can enhance your promotional efforts, create a sense of unity, and drive meaningful change for your charity or non-profit organisation.