Branded Corporate Umbrellas

Branded corporate umbrellas are not only a well received promotional product or business gift for your customers, but also a fantastic on-the-go billboard to showcase and advertise your brand.

The Automatic Foldable Umbrella is a storm-proof umbrella that opens and closes automatically. It fits perfectly in a bag and comes in three really modern colour-ways. 

When looking for a stylish umbrella, Kyle Wooden Umbrella is the answer. The automatic system allows the umbrella to be opened with one click. The Kyle is available in different colours and provides multiple printing options.

Our personal favourite is the Double Canopy manual nylon umbrella with wooden shaft and tips, and velcro closing. The underside of the canopy can include a bright sky and cloud design, or a or rain drop design, whilst the outside is a plain colour, cheering up even the rainiest of days.

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Enhance Your Brand Visibility with Customised Branded Umbrellas

Corporate branded umbrellas are an excellent promotional tool for businesses looking to increase their brand visibility and leave a lasting impression on clients, customers, and employees. Our printed promotional umbrellas are versatile accessories not only offer protection from the elements but also serve as effective marketing tools when customised with your business logo, colours, and messaging.

Branded Telescopic Umbrellas
Printed foldable and telescopic umbrellas are compact, portable, and incredibly versatile. They are designed to fold down into a smaller size, making them ideal for on-the-go individuals. Here's what makes them a great choice for promoting your business:

Portability: Telescopic umbrellas are lightweight and can easily fit into bags, briefcases, and even pockets. This portability ensures that your brand gets exposure even when users are traveling.

Customisation: These umbrellas typically have a large canopy area that can be customised with your company's logo, slogan, or any other branding elements. The printing can be done in a variety of colors to match your brand identity.

Visibility: The large canopy, when opened, provides ample space for your branding to be seen from a distance, making it effective in crowded areas or events.

Practicality: Since telescopic umbrellas are designed for regular use, your brand will receive prolonged exposure whenever the umbrella is used during rain or shine.

Branded Walker Umbrellas
Branded walker logo umbrellas are the standard sized umbrellas that offer great coverage and protection from the elements. They are ideal for daily use and can be a powerful marketing tool for your business:

Coverage: Walker umbrellas have a larger canopy, offering better coverage during rainy or sunny days. This means your brand will have a bigger canvas for exposure.

Durability: Our brilliant quality walker umbrellas are built to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring that your branding remains visible even during adverse weather.

Custom Design: The large canopy area allows for creative and intricate branding designs. You can incorporate your logo, tagline, and even high-resolution images.

Longevity: These umbrellas are designed for long-term use, which means your brand will receive prolonged exposure, leading to better brand recall among customers and clients.

Premium Branded Golf Umbrellas
Our premium branded golf umbrellas are larger, sturdier options that are often associated with outdoor and sports events. They offer a unique opportunity to showcase your brand in a different context:

Large Canopy: These umbrellas boast a notably large canopy, perfect for displaying your logo or campaign prominently. The expansive space allows for creative customisation with your brand.

High Visibility: Premium golf umbrellas are often used in outdoor events, golf courses, and sports gatherings, providing high visibility for your brand to a diverse audience.

Associative Branding: Aligning your brand with outdoor and sports events can create positive associations, linking your business with a healthy and active lifestyle.

Sturdiness: Golf umbrellas are built to withstand wind and weather, showcasing your brand even in challenging conditions.

Investing in branded umbrellas as part of your business' promotional strategy can yield significant benefits. Whether you opt for printed telescopic umbrellas, branded walker umbrellas, or premium branded golf umbrellas, you're investing in a practical and eye-catching way to increase your brand's visibility. Each type of umbrella offers unique advantages, catering to different usage scenarios and target audiences. By customising these umbrellas with your logo, colors, and messaging, you'll create a memorable and lasting impression that will keep your brand on the minds of customers, clients, and partners.