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Who doesn't love a summer activity when the sun is out! Our extensive range of accessories for these events have got you sorted. The RPET Fibre Glass 8 panelled Umbrella is really special - RPET (recycled polyethylene terephtlalate) takes plastic that has already been created, usually plastic bottles, and chops the bottles into tiny flakes. These flakes are then melted to separate the core PET ingredient inside of the bottle that can then be turned into new products. Using RPET as an alternative to PVC is a huge step forward on the path toward a greener planet 100% recyclable.

For sunnier days, our Sunglasses have got you covered, with eye protection of up to UV400. They're the ideal promotional giveaway for holiday companies and festivals - wherever they go make sure your brand goes with them!

Finally, the Winster Hand Sanitiser ensures the safety of you and your family. It is a 30ml oval shaped hand sanitiser gel in a coloured silicone casing, with a matching coloured loop closure. This product is ideal for hanging from your keys, bag or belt loop and is compact for carrying in your handbag or pocket, containing 62% alcohol.