Low Cost Promotional Items

Our low cost promotional items offer an effective and budget friendly way for businesses to elevate their brand visibility. Among these options, the Shanghai Plastic Ballpen stands out as a practical and versatile choice. Its smooth writing experience and customizable design make it an ideal giveaway for events and conferences. Biodegradable Printed Balloons provide an eco-conscious touch to promotional campaigns, displaying the company's commitment to sustainability. Meanwhile, Supersaver Pencils combine affordability with functionality, making them a great addition to school-related promotions or office settings. These items, alongside a range of other cost-effective options, offer businesses the opportunity to establish a lasting brand presence without straining their marketing budget.

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Collection: Low Cost Promotional Items

Introducing our budget-friendly collection of Low-Cost merchandise. This selection features an array of practical items, including coffee tumblers and tote bags, designed to accommodate your promotional needs without compromising on quality. Elevate your corporate branding efforts while keeping costs in check with these fantastic options.

  1. Affordable Brand Exposure: Personalising Low-Cost items with your corporate logo or slogan offers a cost-effective way to increase brand exposure. These items become walking advertisements, carrying your message to various locations and garnering attention from potential clients, partners, and employees. Despite their economical price point, these items deliver lasting impressions, making them a savvy choice for stretching your promotional budget.

  2. Versatile Giveaways: These products serve as versatile giveaways for various occasions. From trade shows and conferences to corporate events and community outreach, these items adapt seamlessly to different contexts. Whether it's a branded mug that keeps recipients caffeinated or a fun stress ball that accompanies them in the office, these items offer practicality while showcasing your corporate identity.

At Black and White London, we understand the significance of budget-conscious promotional efforts. Our Low-Cost collection allows you to amplify your brand presence without compromising quality or creativity. From coffee tumblers to tote bags, each item has been chosen to align with your promotional goals while offering maximum value for your investment.

Contact us today to explore customisation options, and let us help you create a personalised promotional campaign that resonates with your target audience, without breaking the bank.