Embrace the Rain: Why Promotional Umbrellas Are Your Seasonal Branding Essential!

As we transition from those warm summer days to the approaching season of cozy vibes, it's time to talk about a practical must-have – umbrellas! They're trusty companions that come in handy when the weather takes an unexpected turn.

Now, you might be wondering why promotional umbrellas should be on your company's radar. Well, it's pretty straightforward. Imagine your clients, employees, or potential partners caught in an unexpected downpour. What's the one thing they'd wish they had? A reliable umbrella, right? And that's where your company can step in to save the day.

But there's more to it than just rain protection. Promotional umbrellas can be a smart way to showcase your brand's thoughtfulness and style. It's not just a practical item anymore – it's a statement piece that shows your brand cares about both function and fashion.

Now, let's dive into the perks of these branded wonders. First off, it's all about brand exposure. Every time that umbrella opens, your brand gets some on-the-go advertising. Whether on a bustling city street or a leisurely stroll, your logo is out there, catching attention and making an impression.

But that's not all. Ever heard of the concept of "reciprocity"? It's the idea that when you give, you're likely to receive. By handing out these thoughtful umbrellas, you're not just providing a handy tool – you're building a connection. People remember brands that go the extra mile, and that positive sentiment can translate into long-term customer loyalty. Plus, when clients witness your team's cohesion, it adds a touch of approachability and professionalism to your brand.

So, in a nutshell, that's why promotional umbrellas should be your go-to choice for this upcoming season. It's not just an umbrella – it's a symbol of brand loyalty, a conversation starter, and a practical accessory all rolled into one. With your logo shining bright, your brand will make its mark even on the rainiest of days.

With this in mind, here's my top picks for the rainiest of days:


1. Best value for money for the budget friendly option:

The Ida Umbrella

From £3.42 each, this little umbrella packs a punch at a lower price point! The Ida 21.5" foldable umbrella is small and compact but does an excellent job of protecting against the rain. The manual slide system makes the umbrella easy to open and close. Furthermore, the umbrella has a strong metal frame, metal ribs and a plastic handle for a good grip. Thanks to its size when folded it will fit perfectly in a (hand)bag. The Ida umbrella is made of durable polyester, is suitable for multiple printing options and comes with a pouch for easy storage.


2. Best Eco-Friendly Umbrella:

The OkoBrella

This Eco-Friendly Umbrella will showcase your commitment to the environment. With a continuous bamboo shaft, bamboo tips and handle, it also has a really premium look. Better yet, the cover is made of recycled plastic, and dyed using a water-saving process. The flexible fibreglass ribs mean that it can deal with stormy conditions. If this one is too large for a handbag, it is also available as a mini umbrella.

Available with promotional labelling to the bamboo handle too for extra exposure for your brand!


3. Best Wooden Handled Umbrella:

The Executive WoodCrook Umbrella


High quality, traditional automatic opening walking size umbrella. Matching wooden stem, spike and crook handle, fluted steel ribs, and automatic opening function for quicker opening - a classic and timeless promotional item!

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