From Trend to Essential: Reusable Water Bottles

In 2015, Refill (who campaign for access to free-water for all) reported that only 20% of people in the UK used refillable water bottles. However, this statistic has significantly increased and now stands at nearly 60%, according to the same charity. The act of refilling a water bottle from a tap, once associated with frugality or 'being tight', has now evolved into a thriving industry which does good for our planet. The market for refillable bottles in Europe alone is valued at £1.5bn annually, and it is projected to grow by nearly 40% by 2028.

Man drinking out of a reusable bottle

This transformation comes as no surprise, given the rising concerns about climate change and the accessibility of clean, free water, which has become a matter of social justice and public health, especially in the context of a warming British climate. The effort to make water readily available is evident in the city of London, where the mayor has taken steps to install 110 new water fountains across the city.


Although the movement towards refillable bottles has been spearheaded by the younger generations, reusable bottles are for all - many designs are great for working professionals especially those that commute and want to stay hydrated on the go - these practical companions are ever-present in offices, parks, gyms, and cafes, constantly in the spotlight. 


With this in mind, below are some of the best sustainable water bottles to personalise with your company logo or branding:

water bottle on a table with laptop and phone and earphones

The Oregon 400 ml Water Bottle with Carabiner, from £1.68 each. 

The perfect companion while exercising, on day trips or at the office, the single wall Oregon bottle has a twist-on lid and offers plenty of space to add any kind of logo. Clip the attached carabiner securely to a bag to avoid losing it.


 Plastic Water Bottles on a podium

The H2O 650 ml Active Recycled Ocean Plastic Bottle, from £3.73 each.

This single-walled, ergonomic bottle is made with recycled plastic collected near ocean coastlines and waterways, offering spill-proof hydration while reducing your carbon footprint. Choose from multiple colour options and mix and match colours to create your perfect bottle. Best of all, this bottle is made in the UK and packaged in a home-compostable bag.  


 line of metal water bottles

The Eevo-Therm Bottle, from £5.17 each

This collection offers you a choice of vibrant colours from stock in a stylish satin finish. Our Eevo-Therm bottles are of retail quality, made of 304 food grade stainless steel. The double walled construction keeps liquids hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours. Pick and mix your bottle colour, contact us for more info on this.


We are really proud to supply a great range of eco-friendly bottles for all clientele, as well as other drinkware such as travel mugs and flasks. So be part of the trend moving away from single use plastic and choose to reuse. 

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