Let Us Help You With Back-To-School Prep!

Summer's sunny days are giving way to the back-to-school hustle, and what better way to kick off the academic year than with some fun and useful goodies? Our range of back-to-school products is here to transform the mundane into the extraordinary. From branded backpacks to customised pencil cases, we've got the perfect selection of merchandise to make your school's mark unforgettable.

1. Personalised Branded Backpacks:

Our personalised branded backpacks bring together utility and style, with ample space for books, laptops and stationery. And the best part? Each backpack can proudly display your school's logo, fostering a sense of belonging and unity.

My personal favourite: The Bethersden Backpack - a stylish eco-friendly backpack made from rPET fabric (recycled plastic bottles) Padded laptop sleeve and organiser section. No pockets on the front and main zip access is set towards the back of the bag to help deter thieves.

three backpacks


2. Customised Pencil Cases:

With our personalised pencil cases, your logo will be fore-front in the classroom. Whether it's a motivational quote, the school mascot, or a teacher's signature catchphrase, these are guaranteed to be used everyday.

My personal favourite: The Canvas Pencil Case - a natural 10oz cotton canvas pencil case in a cylindrical design with zip closure. A large eco-friendly way to store your stationery.natural pencil case


3. Branded Notebooks:

When it comes to organisation and productivity, our branded notebooks have you covered. With clean lines, ample space, and a durable design, they're perfect for capturing everything from lecture notes to brainstorming sessions.


My personal favourite: The A5 Mole NotebookA5 PU soft finish notebook containing 48 sheets of cream lined paper with slimline design and ribbon bookmark.



4. Custom Highlighters

These highlighters aren't just about adding a pop of colour to notes; they're about enhancing comprehension and retention. With a smooth and consistent ink flow, they glide over paper, ensuring that crucial points are easily distinguishable. Whether it's underlining key concepts or marking crucial dates, our highlighters make studying and reviewing a breeze.

My personal favourite: The Wheat Straw Highlighter - made of eco-friendly Wheat Straw in an efficient triangle design, this is great item for all ages. 



5. Personalised Metal Water Bottles:

Staying hydrated is key to a productive school day. Elevate this essential practice by providing students and staff with personalised water bottles. Every sip becomes a reminder of the school's commitment to their well-being.

My personal favourite: The Ashford Bottle - a 500ml double walled steel drinks bottle with screw top lid and bright powder coating. Ideal for keeping those hot or cold beverages at the perfect temperature while you’re out and about.

metal bottles



At Black and White London, we understand the importance of fostering a sense of belonging and pride. Our branded back-to-school merchandise not only adds a splash of excitement but also creates a lasting connection between students, teachers, and the institution. Bring on September with these additions to your classroom!

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