Methods of Branding: Promotional Products

Want to know the different printing options available on promotional products? Below we share the available methods of branding at your disposal. Whether you choose to Emboss or Engrave your design on our promotional products, screen print in up to 4 Spot Colours or opt for a limitless Full Colour Print, here's your handy guide to knowing your 1 Spot Colour Print from your Full Colour Print!

1 Spot Colour Print

What is a 1 Spot Colour Print?

A print with one colour is called a '1 Spot Colour' print, as is shown here with our Cambridge Mug. This includes one solid colour, with no fine details or gradience. Note that this doesn't include the background colour of the product, so if you go for a coloured item like our Cambridge Mug in Midnight Blue mug then the background would be blue with your one colour printed onto it.

Fine detail can sometimes be achieved, but please do send us your artwork to check and confirm.

  • Notebooks

    With a large print size and available in a range of colours, Notebooks are the perfect item for a bold, 1 spot colour print. Shown here on our classic A5 White Notebook.

  • Power Banks

    Available to buy in a range of chromatic colours, our Power Banks give a great background for a 1 Spot Colour Print.

  • Shoppers

    Premium Hessian Shoppers Or Jute Bags make a great personalised product as they give you a large canvas to display your logo - great for a classic and simple logo in one colour.

2, 3 and 4 Spot Colour Prints

What is a 2 Spot Colour Print?

A ‘2 Spot Colour Print’ include two solid colours printed onto one of our promotional items, excluding the product colour itself.

This continues with 3 Spot Colour and 4 Spot Colour (three of four solid colours printed onto one of our promotional items, excluding the product colours itself).

Fine detail can sometimes be achieved, but please do send us your artwork to check and confirm.

  • Wireless Chargers

    Chargers, like the Cuboid Wireless Charger shown here, look great with 2 spot colour prints on a clean white background.

  • Sports Bottles

    Multiple spot colour prints look great on our water bottles, as you can pair a second colour with the colour of the lid of the bottle to create a coordinated look, as is shown here with our 1L Bottle in Black and Red.

  • Backpacks

    Here at Black & White London, we have a huge range of backpacks which all look great with a colourful print - whether it be a bright and practical bag such as the Value Backpack, or something perfect for working in town like the Business Laptop Backpack with USB charging.

Full Colour Print

What is a Full Colour Print?

With a full colour print, there are no limits! Sometimes known as a Digital, Transfer or Sublimation print, these can be detailed and are perfect for a photo print, as can be seen here with our Premium Full Colour Enamel Mug.

  • Earthenware Mugs

    Our Vienna Mug is the perfect all rounder for a full colour print. Its white base makes the colours of your photo pop, and it's a practical choice too - with this mug being dishwasher proof.

  • Full Colour Notebooks

    The large flat surface of our notebooks makes them a great product to Full Colour Print. Available with recycled pages too, the CMYK Notebook shown here is a great item that doesn't sacrifice quality, whilst still giving you a sustainable option.

  • Metal Drinking Bottles

    Metal bottles are really on trend at the moment, and our ColourFusion is no different. This is a high quality thermal drinks bottle made from 304 grade stainless steel, decorated with a stunning full colour, full wrap print around the entire outer body of the bottle. With the minimum order quantity being just 30 units, this is a perfect corporate gift for a smaller business!


Engraving includes using a laser to etch into the object to create your logo on the promotional item in relief, as is shown here with our Durham Mug and Hades Keyring. Engraving is a premium way to market your brand, as it gives the piece a high quality, tactile finish.

  • Enamel Mugs

    Modern, sleek and understated, our Pantone Matched Enamel Mugs look so professional when engraved. They can now be etched prior to the application of the body colour paint (as shown in the picture), giving added depth to your design while the inside of the mug remains white.

  • Cork Speakers

    Looking to stand out in the crowd? Seeing that cork isn't a very widely used material, our Engraved Cork Speaker gives you something unique, and is guaranteed to get people talking about your brand.

  • Ball Pens

    Upgrade your writing with engraved pens, such as the Stratos Soft Feel, which start at only £2.03 each with your personalised logo.


Embossing is our final method of branding - Similar to engraving, the embossing method involves 'stamping' your logo or wording onto a product, giving it a tactile and deluxe feel - making an impression, literally!

  • Wristbands

    Perfect for charities, festivals and giveaways, our Embossed Wristbands come colour infilled - the photo shows the wording with white infill, for example. This method really makes your slogan pop!

  • Diaries

    Our Matra Embossed Diaries offer a wealth of beautifully crafted features for a practical and durable organising companion for work, travelling or free time.

  • Handled Bags

    Our custom made Luxury Carrier Bags printed just for you with your exact branding requirements onto a luxury paper carrier bag with gloss or matt finish and handheld or shoulder-length ropes. We can emboss your wording onto your bag to make your brand really stand out.