Rain or Shine: Why Branded Umbrellas Are a Business Essential

In the unpredictable British weather, having a reliable umbrella is a must. But did you know that umbrellas can do more than just shield you from the rain? Branded umbrellas offer businesses a unique opportunity to showcase their logo while providing practical utility to recipients. Let's explore why umbrellas are a smart choice for companies looking to get their logo out there, focusing on three popular types:

1. Mini/Compact/Telescopic Umbrellas:

  • Portability: Mini umbrellas are perfect for on-the-go use. Their compact size makes them easy to carry in handbags, backpacks, or briefcases, ensuring that your brand stays visible wherever your customers go.
  • Convenience: Despite their small size, mini umbrellas provide great coverage, keeping users dry and comfortable during sudden rain showers. Their lightweight construction makes them a convenient accessory for daily use.
  • Versatility: Mini umbrellas are suitable for a wide range of promotional purposes, from corporate giveaways to event merchandise. Their practicality and portability make them a popular choice for businesses looking to make a lasting impression. From luxury to affordable, we have a range of mini umbrellas to suit your budget and needs.

2. Golf Umbrellas:

  • Maximum Coverage: Golf umbrellas boast a large canopy and sturdy construction, providing ample coverage for multiple people or equipment. Their generous size makes them ideal for outdoor events, golf tournaments, or promotional giveaways.
  • High Visibility: With their expansive canopy, golf umbrellas offer maximum visibility for your brand. Whether used on the golf course or in the city streets, these umbrellas ensure that your logo stands out and gets noticed by a wide audience. Include your branding to multiple panels of the umbrella to maximise this. 
  • Durability: Built to withstand the elements, golf umbrellas are designed for long-lasting performance. Their robust frames and wind-resistant features ensure that they remain reliable companions in all weather conditions.

3. Standard-sized Umbrellas:

  • Versatility: Standard-sized umbrellas strike the perfect balance between portability and coverage. They are suitable for everyday use, corporate gifts, or promotional campaigns, offering practical utility to recipients in various settings.
  • Large Branding Area: With their eight-panel design, standard umbrellas offer a large branding area for your logo and message. Each panel provides ample space to showcase your brand in a prominent and eye-catching manner.
  • Customisation Options: Standard umbrellas can be customised to align with your brand's aesthetic and preferences. Whether you prefer a wooden handle and shaft or metal, there's an option to match your brand's personality and appeal to your target audience.

In conclusion, branded umbrellas are a versatile and effective promotional tool for businesses of all sizes. Whether you opt for mini/compact umbrellas, golf umbrellas, or standard-sized umbrellas, each type offers unique benefits and opportunities to promote your brand. So why not add a splash of style to your marketing efforts with branded umbrellas? Let your brand shine bright, rain or shine.

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