Top 10 Plastic Alternative Products

In a world that's more conscious of its environmental impact than ever before, it's time for promotional merchandise to step up its game. If you're looking to make a sustainable statement while promoting your brand, we've got the inside scoop on the top 10 plastic alternative promotional products that are both planet-friendly and get your brand seen and remembered.

1. Wheatstraw Pens:
Wheat straw emerges as the residual stem after the grain harvesting cycle. It frequently meets an unfortunate fate as discarded waste or is incinerated, thereby emitting CO2 into the atmosphere.
The silver lining lies in the untapped potential of these stalks. The transformation process into a functional material proves to be straightforward. Initially, the straw undergoes a cleansing process and is subsequently converted into a pulp. The application of heat then facilitates the shaping of the material. This thermal treatment, coupled with the inherent fibrous nature of the straw, makes this a sturdy, useable product.

These Wheatstraw pens are eco friendly and a stylish option for any business, and at a price point from £0.19, they're affordable too.


2. Bamboo Phone Wireless Charger: Charging up your devices has never been this good for the planet! This wireless charger made from bamboo are not only sleek but also a testament to your eco-conscious values. It gives you a large print area, as well as a dual charging pads - double up on. Crafted from sustainable bamboo, this charger features a dual charging port, providing seamless power to two devices at once.


3. Recycled Plastic Travel Mugs (RPET): Although made of plastic, these travel mugs are still great for your brand and the environment. Say goodbye to single-use cups and hello to these travel mugs made from recycled plastic.

If these are of interest to you, I would suggest our 100% recycled plastic twist-lid tumbler. Insulated and packed in a compostable bag, this staple is a truly great promotional item.



4. Recycled Newspaper Pencils: Pencils with a story to tell! Crafted from recycled newspapers, these pencils let you jot down ideas while supporting recycling efforts.


5. Cork Lanyards: Cork is both sustainable and biodegradable, making it a great daily accessory that doesn’t cost the earth. These lanyards are an example of this, allowing for a large print area to show your commitment to sustainability.


6. Recycled Cotton Tote Bags: It is estimated that around 85% of all textiles, including cotton, is disposed of each year. 

Make sure your brand doesn’t support this with a Recycled Cotton Tote Shopper, such as Canterbury Eco. This is a blend of 70% recycled cotton and 30% recycled R-pet (reclaimed plastic bottles from landfill). 


recycled cotton tote bag


7. Glass Water Bottle with Bamboo Cap: Hydrate in style with our glass water bottles featuring a bamboo screw cap. It's a refreshing take on staying eco-friendly.

glass bottle bamboo lid


8. Beech Wood Phone Stand: Your brand, now in the palm of their hands—literally! These plant-based phone stands are made of solid beech, giving them a premium feel.

beech wood phone stand


9. Stainless Steel Straw Set: Sip sustainably with stainless steel straw sets, including a straw cleaner. They make it easy for your receivers to say no to single-use plastic straws. This one comes with custom packaging too to really show off your brand!

straw set with custom packaging


10. Lastly, our FSC Bamboo badgesOur Bamboo Badges are manufactured here in the UK and made from FSC approved material, with a butterfly clutch back. As the badges are branded using laser engraving and can be individually named for an additional cost. We supply the badges bulk packed to reduce waste but can individually bag the badges using a biodegradable bag for an additional cost. 

By choosing these plastic alternative promotional products, you're not only making your brand stand out but also showing your dedication to preserving the planet. Whether it's a meeting, event, or a simple thank-you gesture, these eco-friendly items will leave a positive impact that extends beyond your promotional campaign.

At Black and White London, we're committed to helping you make a statement that matters. Join us in the journey towards a greener, cleaner, and more conscious promotional future. Contact us today to explore these incredible plastic alternatives and more.


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