Treat Your Brand To Sweet Success!

In a fiercely competitive marketplace, businesses are constantly in search of inventive strategies to set themselves apart and leave an indelible mark on their customers. One such avenue of creativity lies in the realm of branded delicacies - as they say, there’s no better way to ones heart than through their belly!


Whether it's personalised chocolates, ‘Working From Home’ treat boxes, or exclusive branded sweet tins, these delightful treats offer a unique opportunity to elevate your marketing strategy, and we at Black & White London have a huge array of choices. Before we get too hungry though, let’s embark on a journey to uncover just a few of the ways in which branded treats can solidify your brand!


Customer Loyalty

The novelty and personalised touch of these treats render them profoundly memorable. Customers will invariably associate the enjoyment of these delectable treats with your brand, leaving a positive impression that fuels unwavering brand loyalty.


Building robust customer relationships lies at the core of every successful business. In this regard, branded treats provide a scrumptious conduit to express your heartfelt appreciation for your clientele. This thoughtful gesture not only strengthens the bond but also motivates them to continue supporting the business while spreading glowing word-of-mouth recommendations.



Engaging new Customers and Sparking Excitement

In the age of social media dominance, businesses must captivate attention and actively engage with their target audience. Branded treats offer an opportunity to create moments that generate a buzz. When customers receive your treats, their excitement is bound to spill over onto various social media platforms - all our fun snacks are very Instagrammable!


This, in turn, creates user-generated content that showcases your clients' brands to a vast and diverse audience, that might be inaccessible through any other means. Such organic online visibility can yield amplified brand exposure, heightened engagement, and even the potential to entice new customers to your clients' enterprises!


Here’s a selection of our favourite sweet treats that are also best sellers with glowing reviews:


Our Midi Movie Box - Made in the UK with sustainably sourced packaging, our movie box is the perfect gift for your clients or staff this summer!

Our Chocolate Bar - Our eco-friendly 6-baton bar is the perfect corporate gift, with a fully branded sleeve- and available in a vegan version too.

Our Small Tin With Retro Sweets - A small Paint Tin filled with a tasty Retro Sweet mix. Branded with a full colour domed label to the lid, and a cast-gloss wrap to the tin, and available in a larger size tin for those with a sweet-tooth!


If these aren’t tasty enough for you, check out our full range of sweets here and chocolate here, and enjoy the fruits of your marketing - because as we all know, there’s no love quite like cupboard love!

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