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Collection: Executive Desk Items

Welcome to our Executive Desk Items collection, where functionality meets elegance. Perfect for those looking to enhance their workspace with high-quality, branded merchandise, this collection features items that not only serve practical purposes but also reflect a touch of sophistication. Whether you’re aiming to impress clients, boost employee morale, or simply upgrade your own desk setup, our selection of executive desk items offers the ideal solution.

The Team's Highlighted Picks:

Mug Warmer and Wireless Charger

Stay productive and keep your coffee warm with our dual-function bamboo Mug Warmer and Wireless Charger. This innovative gadget not only charges your phone wirelessly but also includes a mug warmer and a phone stand. Compatible with all QI-enabled devices, including the latest Androids and iPhone® 8 and newer models, it provides a convenient output of DC 9V/1.67A (15W).

Desktop Cube Gardens

Promote your brand with a touch of nature using our eco-friendly Desktop Cube Gardens. These modern desk accessories come filled with a soil pellet and compostable Seedsticks made from alder wood and biodegradable paper. With a shelf life of two years, they can be transformed into a pen holder once the plants have grown. Measuring 7.5cm x 7.5cm x 7.5cm and weighing 170 grams, each cube features a full-colour customised sleeve, making it a perfect promotional gift.

3D Puzzle Paperweight

Add a bit of fun and creativity to your desk with our 3D Puzzle Paperweight. Composed of magnetic, metallic pieces, this intriguing puzzle not only serves as a brain teaser but also functions as a stylish paperweight. It’s an excellent conversation starter and a unique way to keep your desk organised. 


Explore our full range of executive desk items and discover the perfect products to enhance your workspace and leave a lasting impression. Whether it’s for corporate gifting or personal use, our collection is designed to bring style and efficiency to any desk.