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Collection: Shot Glasses

 Welcome to our Shot Glasses Collection, where sophistication meets fun in the world of miniature drink ware. Whether you're planning a lively party, stocking your bar, or looking for the perfect promotional giveaway, our collection of shot glasses offers the perfect blend of style, quality, and functionality. Enjoy every shot you take with our shot glasses, which are crafted with precision and flair, making them a must-have for any occasion.

Highlighting Our Top Picks:

  1. The Salto Shot Glass: The gracious curves of the Salto Shot Glass make this glass as smooth as the shot you drink. Ideal for a generous measure of any liquor, these glasses are also perfect for creating layered shots if you're feeling adventurous. Sleek yet hard-wearing, the Salto Shot Glass is versatile enough for any setting—from lively parties and bustling bars to quiet aperitifs and nightcaps. These professional-quality glasses are perfect for shot after shot!

  2. The Islande Tall Shot Glass: This tall, slim shot glass is designed to hold a double measure, making it perfect for those who like a little extra. The Islande Shot Glass features a large print area, ideal for customisation, making them excellent additions to gift sets or standout promotional giveaways. With a 60ml capacity, these glasses are perfect for enjoying a variety of spirits in style. Also available with Frosted Glass instead - this version gives off an even more premium feel and look, great for modern bars that want to polish off their barware!

  3. Set of 6 Shot Glasses: For those who love to entertain, our set of 6 shot glasses with a bamboo holder is a must-have. This set offers a stylish and convenient way to serve multiple guests, ensuring everyone can join in the fun, with a practical, premium feeling paddle holder. Whether for a party, a family gathering, or a corporate event, this set is the perfect addition to any occasion, providing elegance and practicality in equal measure.

Discover the perfect shot glass for your needs in our Shot Glasses Collection. Each glass is crafted to enhance your drinking experience, making every shot a moment to savour. Shop now and add a touch of class to your celebrations. Let's toast to good times and great company with our premium shot glass collection!